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  • David Cotti

Attitude and Gratitude!

The first 60 seconds of each morning provide me with a crucial opportunity to frame my initial thoughts with positive forward momentum. I typically prepare a positive mindset by practicing gratitude. I woke this morning with a sense of appreciation for just waking up - one day, waking won't be in the cards, so you bet I'm grateful for that jank! This morning I thought to myself, "self - let's spend the rest of our morning routine expressing gratitude for the seemingly benign material crap we take for granted." It's funny how often me, myself, and I have conversations, but that's a topic for another discussion - perhaps with a therapist - I digress.

So, there I was, finding gratitude for what I take for granted - or at least giving it the old college try. As I stumbled out of bed, I made a beeline straight to the bathroom and lifted the lid to the old commode. As I was standing there excreting toxins - I thought, "wow, absent this beautiful toilet, I would have to be outside expelling toxins like it's 1825, and it's damn cold outside, so I'm grateful for my lovely toilet with its excellent bowl that's never let me down in a pinch." I spent the rest of my morning routine similarly.

Toothbrush - allows me to keep my mouthpiece healthy, minty fresh, and not smelling like a dumpster = gratitude.

Shower - access to hot water within seconds so I can get rubadub dub in the tub = gratitude.

Towel - feels good to dry off after a hot shower and not have to walk around like a soggy biscuit = gratitude.

Keurig - the perfect cup of coffee within minutes, anyone? Why yes, I'll have two, straight no chaser = gratitude.

Well, we get the point. I have found that it's hard to have a shitty attitude while you are expressing gratitude. That's why gratitude is a powerful way to start the first 60 seconds of the day. We set a positive tone for the rest of our morning routine when we express our gratitude.

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04 mar 2023

Uncarved Mind feels like a gift. It's like some amazing "something" has traveled the cosmos to deliver this gift, to Know the Knower.

Me gusta
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